AM Photo Co Featured In Qantas Inflight Magazine

In December 2017 Qantas featured our Kwinana Beach Print in a Double Page Spread in their Inflight Magazine! View the photo below!

From high in the air – and with the focus tight – this stretch of rubble could be a giant sea creature that’s stopped its journey through turquoise shallows to bask in a sunlit tropical paradise.

With seabirds wheeling through the cloudless skies above and a curious lone kayaker (tiny by comparison) exploring the jagged perimeter below, it’s a pile of rocks that’s hard to ignore. But there are no swaying coconut palms, no beach huts vending Margaritas and certainly no ritzy resorts. Instead, behind the white sands of Rockingham and Kwinana beaches, 45 kilometres south of Perth, Western Australia, is a cluster of heavy industry that includes a gargantuan grain terminal, an oil re nery and a fertiliser plant.

Those plumes of smoke? They’re coming from a nickel re nery. If the kayaker highlights the breakwater’s size, the area’s incongruous display of industrial brute strength strangely underscores its beauty. But even this structure means business. It’s one of several breakwaters along this gritty coastline designed to protect the beaches from erosion.

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Qantas Inglight Magazine, Matt Day, AM Photo Co

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